When we define Eicher as a company committed to the community, we mean community in its broadest sense: the totality of the social, economic, and natural spheres in which we do business and live our lives.

This commitment takes many forms, with special attention to enhancing education and quality of healthcare facilities throughout the country.


Vision: "To have a major impact on blindness and deafness eradication in India, especially among poor, by building an accessible, self-sufficient model institution, that has internationally approved performance standards and is focussed on quality, excellence and patient-care".

Founded in 1926, Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye hospital is a non-commercial, non-profit trust setup to enable people from all walks of life and all sections of society to receive quality eye care. SCEH has a strong 75-year old tradition of eye care, and more recently, ear, nose and throat care. It has been known for both, its high quality as well as the compassionate treatment it has offered its patients.

The Eicher group started providing substantial assistance to this hospital in 1996 and started to support this institution with funds and expertise. And gradually this hospital has started to emerge as one of the finest ophthalmic and ENT hospitals in Delhi owing to its international standards and adherence to hygiene and quality.

SCEH's long term goal is to provide care approaching that of international standards for all patients, while at the same time increasing the number of poor people treated at minimal or no cost – becoming a true centre of excellence. SCEH is now following a combination of the very successful models used by the three outstanding Indian eye hospitals with international quality standards – L.V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai, and Arvind Eye Hospitals in Madurai. During recent years, SCEH has expanded its services. These include:

  • A new Vision Enhancement Centre, which provides vision-enhancing devices and advice to those who are severely visually impaired or blind and for whom little more can be done surgically or medically.
  • A School Screening Programme in which teachers in schools are given the necessary training so as to identify the students who are having some visual impairment. These students are treated in SCEH and return to school with improved capacities.
  • An aggressive Outreach Programme which connects people who are financially needy, living in relatively distant or less accessible locations, and who are also poorly informed about what can be done about their unnecessary blindness. The main outreach is its satellite clinic in Alwar, Rajasthan. It has also introduced high quality educational conferences, a Quality Assurance Programme, and an intensive medical and patient focused skills enhancement agenda. Over the years, SCEH has made tremendous strides towards excellence and is currently expanding and upgrading its services and reach.


  • Four Operating rooms with support facilities to provide aseptic facilities for surgeries
  • Facilities to conduct vitreo-retina surgeries and cataract implant
  • Work in progress to set up an Eye Bank to facilitate Keratoplasties
  • Completely modernised Pathology Laboratory
  • Work in progress for setting up Microbiology and Histopathology Laboratories
  • Library with latest editions of reference books in Ophthalmology, ENT & Anaesthesia
  • Reception and enquiry facilities
  • A new canteen building has been built for providing quality food to patients, their attendants, employees and visitors
  • Round-the-clock Eye and ENT care
  • Computerised storage of personal and other reference data of the patients in the Medical Records Department
  • In house Medical Stores to supply drugs and other medical requirement to patients and wards
  • For post-surgical recovery, there are air-conditioned rooms each with comforts such as colour television, refrigerator and attached bathroom. Due to current advances in Ophthalmology, most patients do not require to stay overnight. There is a Day Care recovery room in which a patient rests for a short time after surgery
  • SCEH Optical Shop: A range of spectacles and frames to choose from. Backed by quality and workmanship you can depend on
  • Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology: Specially constructed under international specifications to keep the little ones occupied while they wait to see a doctor. State-of-the-art Paediatric Ophthalmological equipment imported from abroad


Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital
5027, Kedar Nath Road, Daryaganj,
New Delhi - 110 002
Phone: +91-11-23253880 / 1580
Fax: +91-11-23251589

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